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Monday, 4 May 2009

Darwin's Big Idea

Does it all stack up? Guest speaker Gerald Tanner will challenge our thinking: then with questions, there'll be a chance for you to challenge his.

At Dame Elizabeth Hall, Friday 29th, 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Want to whet your apetite? Have a read at some of these articles - whether you want to get your teeth stuck into a debate, you're intrigued, or wonder what value we have as human beings in this universe -
  • The Dawkins Letters, by David Robertson - light-hearted yet engaging and intelligent responses to chapters of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, now edited & published by CFP. The first letter got a huge response on Dawkins' own website - both positive and negative of course!
  • Peter May, a retired GP, writes on Has Science disproved God?
  • If TV's more your thing, and your interest was sparked by Channel 4's series The Genius of Darwin, presented by Richard Dawkins, you may like to have a look at Pete Hartwell's review before bringing your questions to Gerald on Friday.

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