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Monday, 4 May 2009

"All right?"

On the train, the TV screen was announcing a feel-good film with pretty actors and an easy plot. Some commuters were enjoying novels. Just don’t play us the news: we’d rather avoid it. Perhaps others were thinking of the mortgage renewal, or tired from working long hours. Many of us are a bit fed up with it all! So shall we just escape in TV dramas, or is there anything worthwhile in the real world?

We do know that human love, satisfying work, and the beautiful creation are really worthwhile. God made and gives us these good gifts, yet He knows we’re in a priceless mess even with them. We don’t like to think of that, but we know it’s not right that the world’s like this. Is there any real escape?

God promises something better, but it won’t come from us: He said, "Can the leopard change its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil." (The Bible, Jeremiah 13:23.) But God Himself has promised to end our selfishness and corruption, and renew the world perfectly, under the perfect rule of His Son Jesus. Until then, He forgives those who trust Him, and enables us to live right, whatever the economic weather.

Of course we’ve grown sceptical of big promises, and cynical about hope for the future. We can’t trust people much! But God is worth taking at His word. He’s not ignorant about how bad things are, nor is He unwilling to help. He was tortured and died to deal with our evil and to offer forgiveness. Then in giving Jesus new life from the dead He’s shown He’s able to deliver.

In the face of troubles now or whatever lies ahead, God’s words are worth trusting.

So come to a Priceless event and find out more about the promise of this generous, trustworthy God. Questions welcome!

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